Master of malts

Who's your Master?
Went to this place to chill on a Sunday. It is located a little outside from the crowded CP circle and can be easily spotted. Setup across two floors, it's a beautiful and well lit place. Posters on the wall and very comfortable seating to get you started. They have light peppy music playing in the background. The service was on the quicker side and the staff was very concerned about our orders. So kudos to that! DRINKS Apple Basil - The syrup made it too sweet and tanginess was on point. Nutty Choco chip Shake - Thick and heavenly in taste. Chocca wocca - Mix of vanilla, chocolate and coffee. Loved it. Coming to the starters, we had Cheesy garlic bread - Not cheesepull material, but quite different from the usual. Popiah Rolls with hot garlic sauce - Chicken rolls was not a good optio


Yeh Raasta hai Pyaar ka? Ya Bhookh ka?

A lounge set up across two floors with outdoor seating as well. Big screen LED TV to enjoy your Live match screenings. Beautiful art and paintings on the walls. Well spaced Old-style seating. The staff was very courteous and the service was on the faster side.  FOODTropical green - Lemonade, pineapple juice and lime juice. What looked very tempting, tasted just average. Irish Coffee Shake - Irish cream, espresso shot and vanilla ice cream made this shake a delicious shake. Strong essence of the coffee could be felt. The thickness was just apt. Jalapeno Cheese Cigars - Failed with the cheese pull miserably. Crispy rolls stuffed with corn, jalapenos and cheese. Butter Garlic Mushrooms - Crisp but lacked the taste of mushrooms.

Oasis Baklawa, East of Kailash

The Arabic Fantasy!

The place is filled with Arabic delicacies. On your first visit you'll be confused what to buy and what not to. I was amazed by the variety that they had in each section - snacks, pastries, cakes, baklavas, honey, tea, dates. They also have a wide range of baklavas to choose from. If someone is visiting from the Middle East then they would feel home. The interiors are very neat and appealing to the eye.
Ferrero Rocher Shake -Topped up with whipped cream and ferrero rocher. Just a regular chocolate shake. Nothing fancy. Choco heaven Monster Shake - This was mouth watering. Overloaded with brownie, M&M, white chocolate, gems, whipped cream. But, the looks were deceiving. The shake wasn't thick at all. Tasted just average. Kitkat Shake - Replace ferrero with kitkat and it tasted the same as above one. FOODCheese Balls - These were so soft that it melted in my mouth the minute i ate it. Served with mustard mayonnaise. Loved it!Peri peri vegetables - If you…

Darzi Bar and Kitchen, CP

Tailor-made Food Darzi! This gives you a tailor made look the minute you enter the place. The interiors are very appealing and the visuals are stunning. The ambience is very pleasant and the seating is very comfortable. The background music was a little out of the place. Could have gone with the ambience but it didn't! A bar is setup in the middle and big LED projector on the side to enjoy live match screenings. It is setup across two floors, the second floor has outdoor seating as well. They have hangers hung on the wall which I found very cute. Coming to the food, we had: Virgin Mojito - The classic mock tail for all the non-alcoholic people in your group. The drink was the usual. Refreshing and chilled with ice.  ISBT Makhani Maggie - The maggie was very tangy. Too much sweetness. Didn't like it that much. Maybe if you add some veggies, then it can enhance the taste. Kandhari Paneer tikka - Colored the dish in pink(Not a fan!). The paneer was soft but pretty average in taste. Bata…