Echoes, Satya Niketan

ECHOOOOOEESS!  Echoes - The name catches your attention very easily. Perfectly placed in the lanes of Satya Niketan. The place is always crowded with youngsters. It's a small café but visually appealing. What sets them apart from others is their Service staff. They are deaf and mute and you get a small slip to place your order. Each table has a bell to ring and different cue cards like Bring water, Bill etc as per your requirement.   

The interiors gives you a feeling that you have entered a classroom; medals, blackboard, a-b-c-d. I loved their interiors and the ambience of the place.

FOOD Choco Death Shake - Crushed brownie and kit-kat on top. Thick and creamy. Just the way I like it. Peach Ice Tea - Didn't like the taste of it. Green Apple Lemonade - Too much syrup added to it. Didn't like it either. Fiery Chicken - This was one dish! The gravy was delicious and the chicken was nicely prepared. Amsterdam Fries - Crispy fries and Onion rings dressed with mayonnaise and mint may…

Farzi Cafe, Connaught Place


FARZI. The name was enough to catch my attention. The café was dim lit and quite huge. The music was pleasant enough to make sure you have a good time. The seating were comfortable. They also had a projector with big screen to catch up with some live action. FOOD  Italian Smooch was a mix of sprite, soda, lemon and what not. Had a tangy flavor to it. Just average. Farzi OK tasted like orange juice with soda in it. Didn't like it that much. Jackfruit Cigar rolls were served with Mayonnaise. Crispy and light. Dal Chawal was served with papad and had a new presentation style. Loved the dish. Bhatti ka Murg were crispy and yummy. Served on the grill.

Boombox Brewstreet, Sector-29, Gurgaon

After visiting quite a few cafes in Sector-29 it's hard to find something different from the lot. This is also a similar brewery with pretty décor and pleasant ambience. The area is not that huge but decent enough to cater 50 odd people. The Café is right below Feel Alive

Too much Small talk. Let's check how the food was -


Two Shades Shake - Shades of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Tasted like an ordinary shake. Sweet Child of Mine - Fruits blended together. Didn't like it! Virgin Mojito - Refreshing one! Full Loaded Shake - Couldn't spot any difference between two shades and this one. Tasted very similar! Not that thick as well.  STARTERS: VEG - Mexican bhel - Nachos mixed with bhel and presented in a different style. Didn't like it that much.
Veg Kurkure roll - These were very crispy and tasty. Loved the presentation as well.
Chandi Paneer Malai Tikka - The best Veg dish served! The softest and yummy-est paneer tikka I have EVER had!