Ardor 2.1, Connaught Place

You must have been to Ardor 2.1 for partying or a get together on their 2nd floor, but they also have Fine dining at their 1st floor. This time it was the Nawabi Food Festival that attracted me to the outlet. The décor tries to match with the Nawabi look. I personally liked the face swiping on the posters (specially Mr. Bean). It's a well spread area with seating enough for 30-35 people. 
FOOD One thing common in their Menu was that every item had a Nawabi prefix to it. DRINKS  Nawabi Thandai - Welcome drink served. Loved the Thandai (with Rose petal placed on it). Nawabi Aam Panna - Aam Panna wasn't tangy enough. Maybe it was because of the strawberries added to it. Seb Santra Usba Khass - This was one Hatke drink which I liked. Tanginess, sweetness, thickness - everything could be felt in this one. Paan Gul - It's a no brain teaser that it had Paan flavor to it. Served with Ice cream on top, it was rather drinkable. But not the best! STARTERS Mutton Galouti K…

Getafix, GK-1

Get fixed to Healthy Food! Want to eat outside and still have healthy food? Well, this is just the place for you. All the items are freshly prepared, made in house and made out of whole wheat. Isn't that cool? AMBIENCE This cute little café welcomed me with vibrant colors all over the place. The area is divided into small segments - exposed brick wall, fairy lights, tree book shelf. Beautiful décor, Cushion couch, comfortable seating and books to read if you're alone.

FOODThe menu was quite impressive. Nicely decorated and very well designed. C-nergy - Prepared with Pineapple, Orange, Green Apple, Amla. Juice with tanginess all over it! Liked it. Odd One Out Smoothie - Mix of Red Apple, Raspberries, Blueberries and in-house yogurt. Thick smoothie but the richness of berry was missing. Lot of improvement required. Cheesy Garlic Bread - Multi grain bread topped with Mozzarella. Crispy and Light!  Mushroom Burger - Button mushrooms tossed in brown sauce and stuffed in the bun. Served wit…

Chi Asian Cookhouse, Sector 18, Noida

WHAT'S COOKING? This is well placed with other outlets on the 3rd floor in DLF Mall of India. What sets it apart from others is the calm atmosphere and the colors used in their décor. If you like to have a relaxed evening with your friends/family then the looks of this Cookhouse will definitely attract you. AMBIENCE

You're welcomed with wooden furniture and a big screen in front of you (for LIVE matches). The décor is not too flashy and that's their USP. Quirky posters on one wall, bicycles hanging on the wall, bottles arranged in a different design. I was quite impressed with the overall ambience of the place. It was time to see if the food could do justice to the place. FOOD Buddha's Palm - Limes and oranges. It gave the tangiest taste to start the meal.  Samui Broccoli & Mushroom Satay - Broccoli and Mushrooms served with peanut sauce. The sauce was something new and surprisingly tasty. The dish was usual. Szechuan Salt & Pepper - Deep fried potatoes, broccoli wit…

Frenzy Adventure, Sector 68, Gurgaon

An Adventure of a Lifetime

Do you feel too lazy to go to the mountains to do Rock Climbing? Or travel far to do Zip Lining? Or Sky Cycling? (Wait WHAT?) Well, I have found the perfect Treasure zone for all the Adventure seekers. And that too, all the awesome activities under one roof. Amazing, isn't it? It's time to take a break from your hectic life, long working hours and recharge yourself with some adventure and fun filled activities and also get in touch with your Daredevil side. I visited this Adventure park recently. Set up in  Sector 68, Gurgaon, it can be easily spotted on the main road. You enter the place and you see someone riding a bicycle on a rope on your left. And after a minute you see another one doing zip lining. That was the moment when you realize that your destination has arrived. It's huge setup with a covered shed in the middle to rejuvenate yourself. And it's surrounded by various activities to get your hands on.
Without wasting any time, we started …